California Gubernatorial Recall Election Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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Customized Election Results

The Secretary of State offers a viewer that you can customize to display election results for the contests you want to track. This viewer data is automatically updated every 5 minutes on election night. To create your customized playlist in the viewer:

  1. Select a contest category listed under Available Categories, such as State Senate or U.S. House of Representatives. All contests in that category will be displayed in the Select From box.
  2. Click on a specific contest in the Select From box, then click on the right-arrow button (>) under Add. Repeat this step for up to 20 contests.
  3. To delete a contest from your playlist, highlight the contest in the My Playlist box, then click on the left-arrow button (<) under "Remove".
  4. Once your playlist is created, click View Results. A new browser window will open and your customized My Contests viewer will start running like a slideshow.
  5. To change your playlist, close the My Contests viewer window and make new selections starting with step 1.